Monday, June 29, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Microsoft Hololens for professional training

NASA will send two Microsoft virtual reality headsets 'Hololens' to the International Space Station.

The devices will be used in two ways. First, it will show a crew member's view back to experts on the ground, who will be able to coach them through operations such as repairs, and "draw" on top of the astronaut's view to help them.

Secondly, augmented reality software will put holographic pictures on top of an astronaut's field of vision, which Nasa says will speed up training.

Video: Nasa equips astronauts with Microsoft's virtual reality headset - Telegraph

This projects is similar to work by the company 'Wearable Intelligence' which proposed using augmented reality through Google Glass to support professional training. See post here.

Documentaries about education reform

Edutopia features a list of recent documentaries about education reform (focus on the US).

See the list here.

The difference between fruits and vegetables

This video explains why bananas are berries but strawberries are not.

Major misconceptions about evolution