Friday, October 8, 2010

How a single person "wrote" 85,000 books

Philip M. Parker is professor of Management Science an international business school based in France. In the last five years alone, he published over 85,000 books on a wide variety of topics: Rotary pumps; Avocados: A Medical Dictionary; Toilet Brushes; Dictionary for Romanian Crossword Puzzles; Golf Bags in India; or Chinese Prawn Crackers in Japan.

How is possible that a single person could publish so many books on such a variety of topics? Because Parker doesn't write books, he compiles them. Parker created a (patentend) computer algorithm that automatically generates a book from a big database. It takes the program about 20 minutes to complete a book.

The books are not printed unless somebody actually orders one. All the books are available on

Read the full article on Parker's book-writing software on Neatorama How to write 85000 books.
Huge stack of books from Crestock Creative Photos

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