Monday, March 7, 2011

Did NASA find evidence for alien life?

Fossilized bacterium Titanospirillum velox. Image 1.e Courtesy: Dr. Riccardo Guerrero.

Dr. Richard Hoover from the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center published an article in the Journal of Cosmology that presents evidence for fossilized bacteria embedded in a meteorite.

Dr. Hoover has concluded the fossilized bacteria are not Earthly contaminants but are indigenous to these meteors. Meteors are fragments of other astral bodies. The implications are that life is everywhere, and that life on Earth may have come from other planets (supporting the Panspermia theory).

Given the controversial nature of his discovery, the Journal of Cosmology invited 100 experts and issued a general invitation to over 5000 scientists from the scientific community to review the paper and to offer their critical analysis.

Read the full article here: Journal of Cosmology

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