Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Bang Theory Network Diagram

The popular CBS TV-show "The Big Bang Theory" presents a complex network of characters. I created the diagram below to illustrate the various types of relationships.

Big Bang Theory Network [Click to Enlarge]

For other entries on geek culture, see for example Geek hierarchy chart and Evolution of geek.

Big Bang Theory Wikia


  1. Excellent usage of the medium I must say. As you are interested in data visualization and education, I wanted to point you to lucidchart.com's network diagram tool and other software. We are trying to meet the needs of learners and educators. All the software is browser based and supports real time collaboration. What do you think is missing?

  2. Great diagram! Like Bob, I used Lucidchart as a network diagramming tool and it was really easy to understand. If you use diagrams often you should check it out!