Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creationist education in Swiss private schools

A newspaper article published in "Le Temps" reports that three private schools in the French-speaking part of Switzerland are teaching creationist ideas in their classrooms. A representative of the three schools stated that "the theory of evolution is also presented, but not as a truth."

Teaching creationism as truth violates the local education policies that demand that students in private schools receive an education equivalent to public schools.

I find it interesting to note that the journalist found it necessary to provide a description of what creationism is "Creationism is a doctrine which, in its minimalist version postulates that the universe and living beings were created ex nihilo by God, as opposed to the theory of evolution." [I doubt that a US journalist would have found it necessary to provide a definition of creationism.]

Source: "Les écoles créationnistes réveillent les autorités romandes",  Friday 31 January 2014, Le Temps (Switzerland)

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