Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Great movies for science geeks and science teachers

Mad Scientist
Many movies portrait scientists (see a list here), but only few try to give realistic depiction of science and scientists (sometimes in a historical context). Scientists are often either portrayed as mad loners (see image above) or a wizard-technicians (e.g. forensic scientists or computer hackers in almost every crime TV show).

Here is a short list of movies that do a better job at representing science (and show the scientist as a positive hero):

Name of the movie
Longitude (2000)
Technology: A clockmaker needs to collect convincing evidence to support the reliability of his method to measure the position of ships out in the ocean.
Astronomy. An astronomer strives to collect convincing evidence that the royal calendar is inaccurate.
Scientists run experiments to explore an alien virus.
Architecture. The challenges of building a Japanese castle.
Agora (2009)
Astronomy. Conflict between religion and science.

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