Friday, January 7, 2011

A Simulation of Everything

The Living Earth Simulator (LES) aims to collect data from billions of datasources to create a simulation of everything that happens on earth. The ambitious (to say the least) project was introduced by Dr. Helbing, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (my home university), Chair of the FuturICTFuturICT is a response to the European Flagship call. It intends to unify hundreds of the best scientists in Europe in a 10 year 1 billion EUR program to explore social life on earth and everything it relates to.
An international team of scientists will build the LES that can simulate everything that happens on Earth - from global weather patterns and the spread of diseases to international financial transactions or traffic jams.
At it's heart, the LES is about working towards better methods to measure the state of society, he says, which would account for health, education and environmental issues. "And last but not least, happiness."

Read full article here: BBC News - Earth project aims to 'simulate everything'

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