Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swiss Company Acabion predicts travel at 12,000 mph by year 2100

Swiss company Acabion aims to revolutionize traveling by introducing a new class of vehicle - called the "streamliner". 

Acabion's visions of future travel do certainly sound ambitious: 

  • 2015: Streamliners 8 times more efficient than electric vehicles are introduced.
  • 2050: To take full advantage their incredible speed, streamliners are given special elevated tracks. On these tracks, streamliners operate in auto-pilot mode.
  • 2100: A series of vacuum tubes criss-crosses the planet for super-fast streamliner (at speeds around 20,000 km/h (about 12,000 mph) driving over great distances. Coupled with the elevated tracks, this creates a “traffic internet.”

I am just wondering how much it would cost to build all those tubes...

Acabion Streamliner Car Travels Through Tubes | Geekosystem

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