Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Facebook affects Romance

According to a poll in Seventeen Magazine among 10,000 guys and girls ages 16 to 21, Facebook plays an important part in how teenagers make romantic connections.

Within one week of meeting a new person, 79 percent of people add the other person as a friend; and after adding a new friend, 60 percent of people stalk their crush's profile once a day (40 percent check in on their would-be soulmate several times a day).

Moreover, contrary to beliefs that social networking is erroding interpersonal communication, 72 percent of those surveyed said that talking to someone online brings you closer to them in-real-life.

Facebook is also used to end romantic relationships: 21% of respondents said they would break up with someone via changing their status message. Surprisingly, 73 percent of people keep their exes in the friends list. I'd like to see some stats on how many of those 73 percent stalk said ex after the breakup.

CNN: Boy Meets Girl: How Facebook functions in modern romace

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